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Here at MTOV, we collect data such as high-quality images, videos, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, communication, and mobility (internal combustion engine / electricity) for processing into excellent and insightful information. We derive complete guidelines on data design based on statistics and deep learning while running a mobile-optimized platform with excellent service planning and development capabilities.

We crystalize the obscure chaos of data into valuable insights.

Tailored AI Processing and

Analysis for Individual Customer Needs

The Highest Data Level

through an In-Depth Data Review

Data Processing, Analysis, Planning, and Design

MTOV provides services such as data collection, preprocessing, processing, and analysis. Specifically, we design systems that automate video and image acquisition using vehicle communication protocol connection technology, cutting the data acquisition burden.

Training Data Creation and AI Modeling Development

We generate training data and develop AI modeling. Besides developing training data (text, image, video) for data convergence, we also offer training data–based AI modeling and data verification enabled by technologies such as CNN, RNN, and YOLO.

Development of Predictive Algorithm for Optimal Guidance

We have an automated model that features digital mapping and routing. As the recommendation algorithm offers the best route, it boasts statistical prediction of the indoor space number, building a guidance model and image recognition-based automated model.

State Predictive Modeling

This process allows for vehicle battery condition prediction and driving pattern classification, recognizing internal/external conditions and developing predictive models.

Data Visualization

The processed data are utilized for visualization through statistical graphs, charts, and plots along with statistical analysis–based insights.

Data Business Risk Management and Strategy

We provide consulting services from risk management, case analysis, and model design to customer data policies and business strategies.

We also have the following technical capabilities to tackle various challenges.

Vehicle Data Link Solution

GPS Mapping via Numerical Analysis Techniques

Image Recognition Modeling (CNN, RNN, ML, Etc.)

Mobility Data Analytics Modeling

Automotive Communication Protocol Connection Technology

Driving Pattern Big Data Analysis Technology

Battery Health Analysis Technology

Outstanding Competitiveness

Core Patents

We offer over 30 connected cars, autonomous driving technology, location event–based database management technology, wireless ad hoc networking, and vehicle infrastructure networking–related core patents (owned by Korea and the United States).


API Integration

We provide support for the development of user-friendly solutions using application programming interfaces (APIs) of authorized organizations, such as the Ministry of Environment, and electric vehicle charging stations.


Excellent Development Personnel

We have experts with master’s and doctoral degrees in wireless communication and data science that develop car sharing and vehicle control services.


Experience in Developing Various Products

With our rich experience in developing various products and tips from the field,

we can guarantee a swift process, specifying goals to meet customer needs.


Indoor Positioning Navigation

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Searching

3D Visualization Map